Monday, 13 April 2009


Campaign to end the war and fight for democracy in Sri Lanka


There is ferment among Tamil-speaking people around the world over the slaughter taking place in the north of Sri Lanka. Over 3,000 people have died already in recent weeks. Nearly 200,000 Tamil people are still trapped in the warzone. The Rajapakse government refuses to cooperate in a ceasefire to evacuate them. All critics of the government are silenced. SST is an international campaign to demand an end to this slaughter and to fight for democratic and trade union rights in Sri Lanka.

The demands of the campaign are:

 1. Stop the war! For an immediate end to the military operations in Sri Lanka; withdrawal of the army from all Tamil areas; stop the disappearances.

2. No to detention camps! Immediately provide for the Tamil people's basic needs of food, shelter, health, under the control of their own elected representatives.

3. Not a rupee, not a bullet for the war-mongering Rajapakse regime! An immediate end to military and commercial support for Sri Lanka by western imperialism and by India, China, Pakistan, Israel, Iran, Japan and other countries. For workers' action against their involvement and cooperation; workers' boycott of arms shipments.

4. Democratic rights for all throughout Sri Lanka! Freedom of speech, freedom of the press and media, trade union rights for all workers including in the Free Trade Zones, freedom of association and the right to free and fair elections, the right of all to vote without interference, for all party to organise and stand in elections who accept equal rights for all, regardless of nationality, religion, caste and sex.  

5. Full support for building united trade unions in Sri Lanka, for press freedom campaigns and for the work of bodies like the Civil Monitoring Committee investigating kidnappings and extra-judicial murders in Sri Lanka. 

6. Defend the right to self-determination! Campaign to support a mass movement of workers and poor in the north to establish their right to determine their own future



Anonymous said...

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nami o fish said...

My solidarity goes with all Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

Oppressed people of the world,unite!