Thursday, 17 February 2011


Authoritarian regimes in Middle East fear for their rotten rule

Following hot on the heels of revolutionary events in Tunisia, the Egyptian masses took to the streets during 18 tumultuous days. Now, all the authoritarian regimes in the Middle East and beyond fear for their rotten rule. This is, however, only the beginning of the revolution in Egypt. PETER TAAFFE (CWI) assesses the current critical situation and possible developments. 

IN RESPONSE TO the 1936 French mass strikes and sit-downs in the factories, from ‘distant Norway’, Leon Trotsky wrote: “Never has the radio been so precious as during these days”. How much more so – with the array of modern global communications – can we agree with those sentiments in relation to today’s Egyptian revolution! Millions and billions have had a grandstand view of the splendid unfolding of this drama. All other ‘distractions’ have been put in the shade: football matches between Egypt’s top teams were cancelled, perhaps the ultimate indicator of the effect of revolution!

Saturday, 5 February 2011


Workers across the world have been avidly watching the revolutionary wave of defiance that began in Tunisia and went on to rapidly envelop Egypt. How inspiring to see millions of Egyptian people pouring onto the streets in a magnificent show of desire to get rid of the hated regime of Hosni Mubarak!